Terms and Conditions

1. By using our services the Client and ACG agree to the terms of the rental of a mailbox at the above address.

2.        Under these terms, ACG agrees to receive mail and faxes on behalf of the Client. The Client agrees to pay a monthly/yearly rental, always due in advance.

3.        It is prohibited to receive any dangerous, illicit goods which are against Spanish or EU laws. The Client agrees to conduct the business in an honest, ethical and legal manner.

4.        The Client allow ACG or any of its staff to accept (sign for) registered/certified mail, ACG or its staff assume no legal responsibility or liability for that action or any event resulting from or associated with it.

5.        Should the client require notification of the receipt of any mail or faxes, the client will need to email us to ask such service.

6.        The key will remain the property of ACG and boxes may only be accessed during trading hours. €5.00 will be charged for replacement keys, if needed.

7.        This contract automatically expires at the expiry date stated above, unless the Client makes payment to ACG prior to this date to extend the contract.

8.        ACG will receive mail and faxes on the Client’s behalf only during the contracted period, with an unlocking period of 15 days. As soon as this period has expired, the box will be emptied, and the locks changed. If is a virtual address, we will refuse any mail on Client´s name after extended period, if no payment will be received.

9.        Any mail and faxes in the box upon expiry of the mailbox, as well as any mail and faxes received after expiry of the mailbox will be held on the premises for a further 2 months following expiry of the mailbox contract. During this time, the mail may be collected by the Client by extending the expired rental contract to a date up to or following the date of collection. All mail will be disposed of 2 months after the expiry of the rental contract, unless other arrangements are made in writing between the two parties.

10.     In the event that the client will require mail forwarding services, all implied costs are supported by Client and paid to the ACG in advance. ACG charges actual postage costs to forward packages or parcels plus a handling fee of €3.00 per shipping. Small Biz and Pro accounts, include one forwarding per month.

11.     ACG does not accept responsibility for any mail failing to arrive, either here, or at its destination, or the contents thereof, unless with registered post.

12.     Client agrees to protect, indemnify and hold ACG harmless from and against any and all claims related to mail content, demands and causes of action of any nature whatsoever, relative to use of ACG facilities and services and any expenses of ACG incurred in a defence against same shall be reimbursed by Client.

13.     This agreement may be terminated by either party by giving notice in writing to the other party, and in the case of the Client terminating, no refund of rental fees for the unexpired period shall be made.

14.     Customs and Import responsibilities remain the duty of the Client.